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Motors & Generators
Reliable and high efficiency motors and generators for all application
AC & DC Drives
Efficiently use energy and optimize process control
essential parts of our electric power infrastructure
Reliable and high efficiency pumps for all application


Product Sales:

Extending the service life of AC motors, DC motors, power electronics generators and mechanical power transmission components is key to what we do. However, there are times when it’s more economical to replace a unit than repair or rebuild it. As part of our commitment to delivering reliability, we back our repair and field services with new product sales, including IEC & NEMA motors and non-standard motors.

Because we provide premium-quality service on all OEM motors and mechanical components, we can make recommendations for replacement of low, medium and high voltage motors, or provide the OEM unit you specify. As a Master Distributor for key OEMs, we can provide the right replacement unit for your requirements very quickly and at a very good price.

We can also bundle sales of the AC motors and DC motors with equipment removal and installation, carry or source OEM motor parts and offer in-house parts manufacturing.

Motors & Generators



Mechanical Power Transmission Components

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