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Making Industrial Assets Smarter™
Imagine all the vital moving elements that make your operation a success. They give you optimum performance and they rarely fail- or if they do, they are replaced or repaired without a problem
Davenport Electric Motors
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Intelligent Maintenance
Cost-Effective Industrial Predictive Maintenance Services:

Improved management of physical assets has been cited as the single largest industrial improvement opportunity in the 21st century. Davenport provides an intelligent, Web-enabled, software solution that monitors and autonomously assesses electrical apparatus to detect developing problems. The resulting clear and actionable intelligence allows customers enough time to implement corrective action, avoid costly repairs, and reduce unexpected downtime.
Davenport repair services include testing, repair and rewinds for small, large and extra-large AC & DC electric motors, generators, and mechanical and power electronic equipment. We offer authorized warranty repair with coil manufacturing from strategic partners to maintain efficient control over quality and lead times. Davenport reliability engineers and technical specialists have industry-specific experience with static- and rotating- electrical machines, troubleshooting, electrical testing and rewinding.
There are times when it’s more economical to replace a unit than repair or rebuild it. As part of our commitment to delivering reliability, we back our repair and field services with new product sales. As a Master Distributor for key OEMs, we can provide the right replacement unit for your requirements very quickly and at a very good price. We can also bundle sales of the AC motors and DC motors with equipment removal and installation, carry or source OEM motor parts and offer in-house parts manufacturing.
Davenport Powertrain Ecosystem™: All your vital asset information online
Davenport’s Asset Management tracks the technical, contractual and inventory details of equipment, software and services – as well as non-electrical assets – throughout their lifecycle. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements, issue chargebacks, provision services and more. Once an asset is deployed, our Davenport Powertrain Ecosystem^™ records all maintenance activity and enables it to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.
Optimizes maintenance planning for electrical machines
Supports efforts to extend machine lifetime, boosting Return On Investment
Minimizes downtime with lower risk levels
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