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Davenport provides static & rotating electrical machine repair services to continuous-process industries operating small, large and extra-large AC & DC motors, power electronics and generators. Our customers are in asset-intensive continuous-process industries such as utilities, power generation, metals, water & wastewater, food & dairy, and petrochemicals which demand high levels of plant reliability because they can not afford unplanned downtime.

Every Davenport location offers one standard for safety, quality, customer service and commercial terms, plus deep industry-specific experience. The cost of ownership for rotating assets is high — it could potentially cost several times the purchase price of an electric motor to run it for a year. So our work in improving plant reliability makes a significant difference to your facility’s operating costs.

We have extensive experience and the unique resources for repair, maintenance and engineering on what we call ‘Large Machines’ — electric motors and generators up to 7.2 kV and 40,000 lbs and large highly engineered mechanical power transmission components.

If your facility needs in-shop repair, on-site field service, maintenance and/or reliability engineering for increased uptime and productivity and to help lower your operating costs which should result in a better return on investment, please contact us and talk to your regional Davenport sales representative.

Davenport serves the following industries:

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