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Services on static- and rotating- electrical machines
all over the US
Our customers are working in continuous process
asset-intensive industries
Integrating repair services, field services
And product sales

Davenport Capabilities

Davenport Industrial Electrical Capabilities

Davenport is a leading independent provider of engineering, delivery, repair and maintenance services for power electronics, electric motors, generators and mechanical power transmission components. We provide our services on static- and rotating- electrical machines all over the USA, integrating repair services, field services and product sales to customers working in continuous-process and asset-intensive industries.

Repair Services
Field Services
Product Sales
Power Generation
  • Fossil — Pump, Compressor, Fan, Coal Handling
  • Hydro — On-site generator rewind and maintenance
  • Wind — Up to 3+MW generator repair & uptower service
  • Solar — Solar Inverters from 2 kw to 2MW, Solar Tracking Systems
Petrochemical, Plastics & Rubber
  • API, XP and IEEE841 motors
  • Air separation application
  • Pump and compressor motor repair
Pulp & Paper
  • Refiner, pump and blower motor repair
  • Mill drive motor repair
  • Paper Mill Drives Systems
  • Sawmill and Chipper motor repair
Metals & Minerals
  • Motor Repair - Crusher, Conveyor, Ball Mill and Kiln Drive
  • Crusher Repair - All Types
Water & Wastewater
  • Large Pump Motor and gearbox repair
  • Real Time Intelligent Pump Control Systems
  • Mechanical Upgrades and Retrofits
Food & Dairy
  • Precision Drive Systems
  • Dust Ignition Proof Drive Systems
  • Food Grade Equipment
  • Robotics including Pick & Place solutions
  • Backwards traceable order system
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