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Davenport Engineering Services:

Davenport engineering services provides skilled engineers from us and/or our strategic partners with decades of industry-specific knowledge and experience, comprehensive diagnostic tools, and a proven approach to problem solving and application engineering.

Our customers measure unplanned downtime in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost per hour, so they count on our ability to provide engineered solutions when electrical or mechanical problems arise. This ‘boots on the ground’ approach targets problems instead of symptoms, drilling down for a root cause analysis and setting the stage for definitive solutions.

The complete diagnostic toolbox:

Davenport engineers use state-of-the-art technologies, instrumentation and software to assemble and correlate findings, using a comprehensive diagnostic toolbox for power electronics, motors, generators and mechanical power transmission components.

We employ state of the art, capital-intensive technologies such as true three-phase power analysis, modal analysis, and modelling software, to characterise systemic issues, compile accurate assessments and validate corrective actions. In addition to resolving complex operating problems, such as torsional resonance and flexure modes, our diagnostic technologies are well suited for internal power studies and qualifying next generation technologies in field studies.

Driving continuous improvement in Quality Assurance and lead times:

Our engineers also lead the way with Davenport Lean Processes^™ , our culture of continuous improvement. As a vertically integrated service provider with advanced manufacturing capabilities from us and/or strategic partners, we count on these industry veterans to lead company initiatives focused on improving quality and reducing repair lead times.

Available upon request, Davenport can source premium engineered insulation systems such as SpiKEGuard™, from our European strategic partners. Davenport engineers continue to research coil manufacturing capabilities, combining advanced materials with new manufacturing technologies to provide industry-leading performance and reliability. Our high-voltage coils combine the thinnest ground wall tapes and highest dielectric performance commercially available, allowing us to pack more copper into a set of coils than our competition. We can engineer our rewinds to increase efficiency and up-rate horsepower, allowing our customers to benefit from energy savings and increased capacity.

Veteran engineers who know their installed base:

Whether you’re in steel, pulp & paper, petrochemical, wind turbine generators for power generation, we have the engineers who understand your rotating-assets and the challenges you face. We have the diagnostic tools and measurement skills to support your facility’s maintenance and reliability engineers; we believe that this is a mature, rigorous approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement, and it provides the competencies needed to meet the most exacting requirements.

For more information on Davenport engineering services and the higher return on investment that they offer your facility, please contact us.

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