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Whatever your Servo Motor repair, get the job done right!

We diagnose all aspects of the motor and get to the best possible solution.

We get you started!

But we can fix Any Type of Electric Motor.

And if we can't fix it, then nobody can...

Our reputation goes into every job, so we do it right!

“These servo motors have many pieces, which all need to work together in precise harmony. It takes the right kind of patience to properly get to the cause of the problem. We were lucky to find these guys, but now we are glad they are there when we need them.

We feel very comfortable with their skills and quality approach, and I know they will work with you to get it right.”

– Ethan Anderson

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Direct Support

When you need to talk with someone about your servo motors, our staff can answer all of your questions!
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Servo Motor Repair

Whatever type of Servo Motor you have, we have the tools and the staff to get it fixed. Let us help you get up and running fast.

Control Circuits

The power that goes into a motor needs to be controlled at just the right level. Our technicians make sure these are fine tuned to perfection.

Gear Box Sets

Most of our technicians have 20+ years of experience. They have the knowledge to understand and solve the problem quickly.

Position Sensors

These sensors are called different things, but their job is important. It keeps the motor positioned correctly at all times. Let us fix it for you.

H-Bridge Chips

An integral part of allowing the voltage in a motor to alternate a load in either direction. We solve the problem and get it done right ASAP!


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