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– Electrical History –

The history of electricity is much more complicated than electric motors. Its roots can be traced backed to the Egyptians and the creation of a battery. Where the story actually begins is anyone’s guess, but we know there were many brilliant men along the way. There are several written accounts of electrical fish. In 1600, William Gilbert coined the term “electricity” and wrote about magnetic properties in his book (De Magnete). Benjamin Franklin did extensive research on electrical charges. We all know about the experiments he conducted using a kite and a key. These tests proved the existence of electrical charges in the air. A man named Tesla made significant inventions that are still studied and used today. He made modern electricity possible with the development of AC current. And he described the use of wireless networks for many things including electricity. As we work to make all those dreams comes true, we at Davenport will continue to help maintain the electrical grids of today.

– Electrical Services –

The foundation of this company started with our passion for fixing electric motors. That passion led to our motor technicians becoming more educated in the principals of electricity. And soon we had a number of electricians working with us to provide electrical services. Our customers wanted the same superior service and the same quality results we built into every electric motor repair. Everywhere we go, the principles of our work will be based on solid knowledge and real experience. We know that taking care of each job with the highest standards will satisfy even the most critical expectations. That is why we now offer extensive electrical services. You can rest easy knowing we do the job right the first time. We guarantee it! Our goal is to provide the highest quality electrical services with a team of electricians focused on safety, quality, and results!

– Davenport Difference –

  • 24-hour Call-Out Service.
  • On-site Safety Monitor.
  • Electrical QA/QC Standards.
  • In-house Safety Procedures.
  • High Voltage Expertise.
  • Raceway Cabling Fitting.
  • Duct Bank Construction.
  • Custom Conduit Connections.
  • Cable Tray Installation.
  • Precision Wire Splicing.
  • Complete Wire Termination.
  • Final Testing and Sign-off