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“We are very selective with our electrical contractors. It was not only important that they are good at their job, but also strict with OSHA safety standards and meeting deadlines. The guys at Davenport are professional and understand problems quickly.

If you want things done right, then I recommend you give these guys a try. They have always done a great job for us.”

- Joe Erickson

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Direct Support

When you need to talk with someone about your electrical contractor needs, our staff can handle all of your questions! Call US!


New Electrical Installs

Whether you need a new electric panel, or new VFD's, or repairs to the old ones, we have all the contractors you need to fit your job.


Electrical Safety

We ensure every part of your job follows the highest OSHA safety standards. Our in-house monitor makes sure these are a priority.


High Voltage

Most of our electricians have 10+ years of experience. They have worked in refineries or other high voltage situations like yours.


Tear Down Services

Do you have a job that requires a do over? We have the manpower with the expertise to tear it out and replace it the right way.


Custom Electrical

Never been done before? We work on every type of job. Our custom solution will work exactly to your specs. Done right and ASAP!


Business customers

  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • New Construction
  • Local Municipalities
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Available 24 hours a day!

Our services

  • 24-hour call-out service.
  • High Voltage Expertise.
  • OSHA Safety Procedures.
  • Duct Bank Construction.
  • Raceway Cabling and Fitting.
  • Electrical QA/QC Standards.
  • Custom Conduit Blueprints.
  • VFD Repair and Installs.
  • Cable Tray Installation.
  • Precision Wire Splicing.
  • On-site Safety Monitor.


(361) 299-6440


6346 Harwick Dr
Corpus Christi, Texas  78417

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7am – 4pm Monday-Friday
24-hour support available